The average person spends one hour and forty-two minutes on the toilet each week!  That statistic is for the average person; it does not include those that spend more or less time in there but that is a whole other topic.  So, with that fact in mind, surely there is much that needs discussing; I must add that that is time spent actually on the toilet, not just in the bathroom.  It is bathroom behaviour in general which will be more of the focus here.

Public bathrooms can offer all sorts to the average user and it is in paying attention whilst in there that I have learnt, heard, witnessed and noticed a lot.  Due to the limitations of my being female, it should also be noted that another of the main focuses here will indeed be ladies’ bathrooms.

You would think that we go in there, primarily, for one purpose and that we would complete that activity and leave as quickly as possible, however, so much more happens in these areas.  Bathrooms can be a source of information, where gossip and the latest trends are discussed.  There is much to be over herd if you listen carefully and much to be learnt.  Friendships and bonds can be struck up in there, as can they be ended and fall outs can happen.  Perfectly civil, and some un – civil, conversations with perfect strangers can occur.  There can be moments of laughter, and tears happen too.  Items and advice are often shared in bathrooms and people, for the most part, are kind and nice to each other.  These are the niceties of bathrooms and undoubtedly there are horrors too; in a sense, bathrooms have it all.  They are non – exclusive, used by people the world over and to me, they are a source of interest and intrigue.  So, welcome to my toilet blog!





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