“I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12.” Stand By Me (film).


Luckily that’s not strictly true on my part. The friends I had when I was twelve are still in my life now and I know, for that, I am blessed.  In the film the four boys go on the discovery and the of a lifetime.  My friends and I are still on that discovery and adventure of a life time, only it is life.  The boys in the film go to see a dead body and they find it; it affects them all, and I imagine shapes the rest of their lives.  Eighteen years later and we (my group of friends) are still discovering things that shape our lives and we continue to deal with things as shocking, upsetting and horrifying as dead bodies.  These friends however, are the ones who live things with you.  They are your chosen family and become part of the very person you are.

Despite being all over the world, we are all trying to make a life and bumbling through choices and decisions that have a real impact.  We may not see each other every day, as we did when we were twelve, but we are always there for each other if needed.  We have an agreement – if at any point one of us says ‘Big Fat SHIT,’ then one of us, it doesn’t matter which, will get to the one who said it.  No matter where they are, one of us will be there.

Life is one hell of a bastard at times, but knowing my friends are on my team and forever in my corner makes this life a little bit easier.  Of course, you meet other friends along the way, people you hold very dear, people you treasure and always will but it’s just not the same.  It’s probably too late to tell your 12-year-old self to hold on tight to your friends but do tell any 12 year olds that you know – do not let go.  Warn them that they’ll need them, always, and that their friends will in fact shape their lives, for the better in my experience.  (You know who you are.)

Do any of us ever have friends later on like the ones we had when we were 12?



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