Having just returned from a wonderful trip to Sydney I must tell all about one of my highlights from the weekend and yes, it involves a bathroom!
We were there to attend a rugby game at Allianz Stadium (The Sydney Football Stadium) and I was hugely impressed at the bathroom facilities. Admittedly there was the usual need to queue to use the bathroom, as is always the case at large event. Particularly for women – the queues are extraordinary, but once I actually got into the bathroom I was pleasantly surprised. After waiting in the queue that wrapped around the bathroom and the corridor outside (admittedly it was at half time in the game – probably the busiest time to attempt to use the facilities) I eventually got in to the bathroom, pleased to be nearing the end of the queue. Then, there in the optimal position for viewing pleasure from the final stages of the queue, was a television. It was showing the rugby game in real time – what a magnificent idea (the break period was over in the time I had been in the queue and the game had now begun again).
One of the main aspects of timing your toilet breaks at such events is doing so in such a way that means you miss as little as possible of the event. However, let’s be real – when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go; you can’t always time these things, only hope that you have allowed for queuing time and not left it too late. Problem solved in these bathrooms! Go when you want and watch the game from in there, you’re not going to miss any of the action. One massive high five to the person that thought of that!
Get yourself a wall mounted television NOW and get it hung on the bathroom wall… your toilet users (no matter who they are) will appreciate it!


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