‘We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.’ – Joseph Campbell
How many of us are sitting reading this (when perhaps we should be doing something else – like working) wondering how we got to where we are and what happened to the life we had planned. Perhaps we had aspirations to have a career in a certain field, perhaps we wanted to be family people – a wife or mother, father or husband. Maybe we wanted to travel the world and see all the wonders that it has to offer. Some of us will have wanted to be loved, to be happy is what we wanted. Too many of us will have had expectations placed on them – what other people thought they should do and some will have done just that. I imagine that at some point we have all dreamt of being rich. A lot of us probably had no idea what we wanted and many are still figuring that out. Good luck to you.
For those of us that did have an idea and a plan in our minds, I wonder how far along we are with that plan. What have we achieved in terms of that plan we had? In my experience, life often gets in the way of what we had planned and can throw us some almighty curveballs. So, does everything happen for a reason and lead us to the life that is waiting for us?
Said curveballs come in all shapes, forms and sizes in life and are all relative to the individual; these curveballs then tend to form into something else and push us in a different direction – perhaps to the life that is waiting for us. It is difficult but we have to try to embrace the curveballs and go with the flow. If we spend a whole lifetime trying to live up to or live by what we had thought and planned, we could potentially spend that lifetime missing everything. Missing life – missing all that it is offering and providing.
Who can know why we end up where we do, living the life we do and with the people we have in it but it happens. It is someone’s plan for us, not necessarily your plan, but there is some reason for it. So, embrace it, enjoy it, be challenged by it, take the rough and the smooth and accept the life that is waiting for you.


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