Toilet Trivia

Just some little snippets of toilet trivia to brighten up a dull day…

  • World Toilet Day is the 19th of November. Do be sure to celebrate it!
  • The average person goes to the toilet roughly 2500 times a year – that’s a lot of trips to the loo and a lot of our lifetimes in there.
  • Shockingly, the UN estimate that 2.5 billion people lack access to a toilet and it is said that more people in the world have mobile phones than toilets.
  • Apparently the first toilet in the row (nearest the door) is the cleanest as people go further down the row seeking more privacy. Didn’t we used to be told that the last one was the cleanest because people are lazy?
  • A study by the World Toilet Organisation shows that the more features your smart phone has, the longer you sit on the toilet. Candy Crush has a lot to answer for.
  • Every time we flush the toilet, we flush an average of six litres of water.
  • King George II (of Great Britain) died after falling off a toilet in 1760. What a way to go…
  • On average 20% of people do not wash their hands after they visit the toilet – we’ve all seen them. (Not) surprisingly only 77% of males wash their hands compared to 93% of women.
  • Your mobile phone is said to have eighteen times more bacteria on it than toilet handles. Note to self – must start disinfecting it.
  • Three out of four people hang their toilet roll with the flap of paper to the front, unwinding the roll over the spool as opposed to under. The position of the roll is much debated and massively important to some people.
  • There is an entire museum dedicated to toilets in India – The Sulabh International Museum of Toilets is in New Delhi. Perhaps it’s worth a visit?
  • There is a chain of toilet themed restaurants in Taiwan that serve food and drinks in miniature toilet bowls. Who’s coming with me to this original dining experience?
  • If TS Eliot has his initials reversed his name would read ‘toilets’ backwards. Quite poetic really.
  • In 1883 A. Ashwell (an English man) patented the Engaged and Vacant signs for public toilets. Presumably he earnt a penny or two rather than ‘spending a penny.’

And there you have it – some little-known points of useless information (you are welcome). Rx


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