That title is probably something I never thought I would say or use as a title but it is and they exist and females use them.  The only place I have seen them is at music festivals in the UK and I can report that the facilities were always busy, with both sexes.  They have begun to limit congestion a little at the portable toilets at festivals and the usual predominantly female queues.  I have witnessed many females, embracing the unisex urinals and enjoying the speed of their visit.  How?  You may ask; and you’d be forgiven for doing so.

Well, may I introduce to you the ‘Shewee.’  It is indeed a device that enables females to urinate whilst standing up and therefor use urinals.  Plastic (washable I would hope) versions are available, as are cardboard (one time use I’d imagine) ones that can then be discarded.  Some women have advised that they find it liberating and some have said they use it purely because it is very practical.  It is basically a funnel that is shaped at one end and has a pipe for the liquid to escape at the other end and it can be used without removing any of your clothes.  You simply slip articles of clothing to the side to then hold your ‘Shewee’ in place and ‘go.’

There are bound to be incidents in which there are accidents, leaks or dribbles but to quote one female avid fan of them, “at least I know it’s my wee on me and no one else’s.”  She believes urinals and the use of a ‘Shewee’ is a far more hygienic option at a festival than the other forms of bathroom facilities available.  Apparently, they are handy too for long car journeys, when you are camping or when travelling in some countries.

It may take some time before the world gets used to seeing both sexes standing up at urinals but eventually it may be whole heartedly embraced?  Perhaps in the future all female bathrooms will have urinals installed and it will be the norm?


I’d love to hear from you if you have embraced the ‘Shewee’ revolution!




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